Indulgent Minikins

$ 7.00

Always unique, and often one of a kind.

Use minikins by Yarn Indulgences for colourwork, striping, sock blankets – anywhere you want a touch of different colour.

Minikins are not dyed by colourway (except by request) and are completely unique and random in what you might receive.

Recommended for colourwork.

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Zed MCN Worsted

$ 27.00

This is an amazing MCN (Merino Cashmere Nylon) – with a slightly dense twist, almost cotton like to the touch. This base takes the dye amazingly. A fabulous worsted weight yarn.

Recommended for all projects – hats, mitts, and especially cardigans.

Luxurious, next-to-skin softness. Made in Canada.

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Indulgent Grand Style

$ 45.00 $ 42.00

An extra large skein exquisite of Merino Silk in a stunning cable type twist. Drape and sheen extraordinaire.

Recommended for shawls and cardigans. Not recommended for socks.

Care Instructions
Although almost all of Yarn Indulgence’s yarns are Superwash, unless otherwise specified, it is best recommended that you hand wash and lay flat to dry. This is the best way to ensure the longest life, and best quality.

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