Diamond’s Own Tape Measure

$ 2.95

Material:Plastic for strength and long life. Size(cm): Max Size 150cm Centimeter Measure Ruler Usage:Measure ruler Size: 12 x 2 x 0,7 inch (approx.)


The ruler measures range 0-150 cm. It can fit around round objects as well as measuring straight lengths.

Usage: 1.Pull the measuring tape will keep the measurement locked in place. 2.Retract the measuring tape by pressing the button at the center.

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Needle Threaders

$ 1.20

Good ol’ cheap needle threaders with a metal grip. Simple and basic, just how you like it. Tailorform brand. 3 to a pack.

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D-Rings – 30mm – Bronze

$ 9.50

Personalize your creations with Nancy Zieman’s functional yet stylish Bag Hardware Options! D-Rings 11⁄4″ (30mm), 2-Pack. Comes in two colours – Satin Bronze and Glossy Nickel.

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Knitting Elastic in White

$ 5.00

Knit with your yarn to tighten cuffs, collars, or waistbands. Knits to same dimensions. Elasticity consistent after washing and wearing. Does not create excess bulk. 100% lycra.

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SURELight M1T Magnifying LED Desk Lamp

$ 65.00

With multiple brightness levels and adjustable accessory tray. Handy table lamp with adjustable accessory tray to store your most used notions and tools right at your fingertips where you need them, when you need them. Multiple brightness levels. 2x magnifier (10 cm / 4” diameter). Adjustable goose neck (30 cm / 12”). 24 long lasting LEDs – 60,000 hours. Wide 120 degree beam angle for larger coverage area. UL/CUL AC adaptor. 1 year limited warranty.

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Large Heavy Duty Curved Fabric Scissors 8.5"

Havel’s 8 1/2″ Heavy-Duty Curved Fabric Scissors

$ 34.50

Havel's has done it again with these amazingly durable, 8.5″ curved fabric scissors. Great for any kind of fabric art project they are ideal for cutting large bolts of fabric, and can be used on many different types of fabric. Made from stainless steel, these scissors are a quality buy with a lifetime value, staying sharp after many uses.

The rounded tip on the bottom blade protects fabric and the cutting surface being used. The slight curve to the blades also makes cutting fabric easy. Comfortable handle grips are large enough for any kind of hand.

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Havel’s 3.5″ Double-Eyed Needles

$ 7.75

Havel's 3.5″ double-eyed needles are great for finishing and securing serged chained ends. With its a smooth, rounded ends, the needle will easily pull chain ends undernneath serged stitches. This needle is also perfect for tying off threads that are too short, and it'll easily splice yarns when knitting. And if you're a machine knitter – use it to transfer yarn from one machine to another. For tatters or anyone else who works with lace, use it to pull ribbons through your work. A great needle with many uses – you'll definitely want this one in your needlecraft toolkit!

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Havel’s Ribbon Weaving Needle Set – Packet of 3

Havel’s 6″ Ribbon Weaving Needle

$ 4.00

This ribbon weaving needle is made of smooth, stainless steel. The flat needle is less than 1/8″ wide, 1/16″ thick, and ends with a blunt point. Havel's 6″ ribbon weaving needle is perfect for pulling ribbon or elastic through casings, or for beading lace. One needle per packet. Havel’s is known for producing the best sewing, quilting, embroidery, tatting and other needlecraft scissors and tools in the United States. We supply Havel’s ribbon weaving needles within Canada.

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