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Knitter’s Pride Signature Swift

Knitter’s Pride Signature line of gorgeously coloured wood now features this amazing new Swift. Made with a combination of colourful laminated birch wood and natural birch wood, the colours swirl and mesmerise as you wind your skein of wool. This is an essential tool for Knitters & Crocheters.

  • Fulfills dual purpose of Swift and Skein Winding
  • Super smooth finish & quick rotation

Diameter: 48cm (19″)
Height: 71cm (28″)
Circumference: 152cm (60″)
Clamp opening: 4cm (1.5″)

Note: We do not keep these in stock. They are available for order only. Please allow 2-3 week shipping time for this item.

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Clover Circular Stitch Holder

Clover’s circular stitch holder is designed for holding several stitches and keeping your stitches in place. Available in 2 lengths: 16″ and 36″, and each feature adjustable length with a stopper.

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Knit Picks Onyx Swift

Knit Picks’ signature Yarn Swift only better: it’s in black, with golden brass hardware. An essential tool for any knitter or crocheter, the Yarn Swift holds your hanks or skeins of yarn in place as you wind them into balls.

Simply clamp the swift onto a table or counter top to start winding yarn neatly and easily. Starting with the umbrella in the down position, place the open loop of the hank over the swift and pull it lightly so the far side of the hank is against the center of the umbrella. Then, use your free hand to slide up the umbrella clamp and open the umbrella to snuggly fit the circumference of the hank. Finally, secure the umbrella clamp in place and then wind away!

For added durability, the swift features metal hardware. The metal screws feature a plastic stopper at the end to prevent scratches when clamping the swift onto a table. For best results, use in tandem with the Knit Picks Ball Winder. Measures approx. 26″ (66cm) in diameter (68″/173cm circumference) and 26″ (66cm) tall when open. Clamp opening fits tables up to 1 1/2″ thick.

Note for retail customers: This item ships separately. No additional charges are required. Orders containing a swift cannot be expedited. If you wish to have the rest of your order expedited, place a separate order for the swift.

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Knitters’ Pride Sock Blockers

  • Perfect tool for blocking wet socks; they dry to the sock shape and size
  • In appealing translucent aqua shade acrylic material
  • Very sturdy and flexible
  • Available in three different sizes:
    Large : (M 8+ / F 9.5+)
    Medium : (M 6-7.5 / F 7.5-9)
    Small : (M 3.5-5.5 / F 5-7 )
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Highlighter Tape

This fun removable tape is perfect for keeping your place on your needlework chart. The tape is 1/2″ wide by 393″ long and comes in a dispenser for easy use. Use different colors to highlight multiple areas of your chart or use on different charts.

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Sheep Measuring Tape

This adorable, retractable sheep tape measure is just what you need for your knitting box. Fluffy and cute, it’ll bring a smile to your face every time you need to measure something. Available in white, grey and black – just like real sheep.

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LYKKE Black Cords for 5″ Tips

Inerchangeable cords for the LYKKE 5″ regular length interchangeable knitting needles. Each package contains one cord, a key, and two stoppers.

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Knitter’s Pride Natural Swift

The Knitters Pride Swift in natural finish is made with natural birch wood. An essential tool for Knitters & Crocheters. Fulfills dual purpose of Swift and Skein Winding.
Super smooth finish & quick rotation.

Diameter: 48cm (19″)
Height: 71cm (28″)
Circumference: 152cm (60″)
Clamp opening: 4cm (1.5″)

Download Instructions [pdf]

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Retractable Tape Measure

This handy retractable tape measure saves space and keeps your crafting room organized by always pulling back into its case. No more re-winding that measuring tape constantly! The ruler measures a range of 0-150 cm. It can fit around round objects as well as measuring straight lengths.

Material: Plastic for strength and long life.
Max measure length: 150cm


  1. Pulling the measuring tape will keep the measurement locked in place.
  2. Retract the measuring tape by pressing the button at the center.
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Knitting Stitch Markers

These hard plastic stitch markers are great for marking the beginning of a round or pattern repeat. Our package comes with 10 markers to fit up to US size 8 and 20 markers to fit up to US size 11 and convenient storage pouch.

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Funny Face Yarn Bowls

Keep your yarn organized and a smile on your face as you knit or crochet, with these wonderfully unique, hand-thrown yarn bowls by local artisan Melanie of Firing Time. Full of character, each one has its own personality and face. The hole for your yarn is in each face's mouth, and the larger bowls work well for bulkier yarns that take up more room.

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