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Knit Picks Dark Brown Mango Wood Yarn Bowl with Holes

Knit Picks Wooden Yarn Bowl

$ 25.55$ 31.95

Knitters’ Pride Sock Blockers

$ 22.00
  • Perfect tool for blocking wet socks; they dry to the sock shape and size
  • In appealing translucent aqua shade acrylic material
  • Very sturdy and flexible
  • Available in three different sizes:
    Large : (M 8+ / F 9.5+)
    Medium : (M 6-7.5 / F 7.5-9)
    Small : (M 3.5-5.5 / F 5-7 )
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LYKKE Black Cords for 5″ Tips

$ 4.85

Inerchangeable cords for the LYKKE 5″ regular length interchangeable knitting needles. Each package contains one cord, a key, and two stoppers.

Knitters Pride Natural Swift

$ 89.50

The Knitters Pride Swift in natural finish is made with natural birch wood. An essential tool for Knitters & Crocheters. Fulfills dual purpose of Swift and Skein Winding.
Super smooth finish & quick rotation.

Diameter: 48cm (19″)
Height: 71cm (28″)
Circumference: 152cm (60″)
Clamp opening: 4cm (1.5″)

Download Instructions [pdf]

Diamond’s Own Tape Measure

$ 2.95

Material:Plastic for strength and long life. Size(cm): Max Size 150cm Centimeter Measure Ruler Usage:Measure ruler Size: 12 x 2 x 0,7 inch (approx.)


The ruler measures range 0-150 cm. It can fit around round objects as well as measuring straight lengths.

Usage: 1.Pull the measuring tape will keep the measurement locked in place. 2.Retract the measuring tape by pressing the button at the center.

Knitting Stitch Markers

$ 2.95

These hard plastic stitch markers are great for marking the beginning of a round or pattern repeat. Our package comes with 10 markers to fit up to US size 8 and 20 markers to fit up to US size 11 and convenient storage pouch.

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Funny Face Yarn Bowls

$ 45.00

Keep your yarn organized and a smile on your face as you knit or crochet, with these wonderfully unique, hand-thrown yarn bowls by local artisan Melanie of Firing Time. Full of character, each one has its own personality and face. The hole for your yarn is in each face's mouth, and the larger bowls work well for bulkier yarns that take up more room.


Pom Pom Maker Set

$ 15.00 $ 13.50

Pompom maker set, 100% Plastic. Includes 4 different sizes. Visual steps are included on back of box.

Stitch Holders

$ 4.40

This is a set of colourful aluminum stitch holders by Knitters Pride. A useful aid for knitters, the stitch holders allow work to be knit off onto a lockable stitch holder.
When stitches are needed again, they are simply knit back onto needles. Attractive colours: gold, satin pink and light blue. Offered in pack of three different sizes:

  • Large – 6.5″ (16.5cm)
  • Medium – 4.5″ (11.5cm)
  • Small – 3.25″ (8.3cm)

Sock Stop (Black)

$ 10.00

Just dab Rico Sock Stop along the bottom of your socks, let it dry, and you'll never slip or slide down your hallway again! The non-slip texture is created by this latex-based paint. 50ml bottle. Made in Germany. This Sock Stop is black, a versatile shade that will go with all of your socks.

Wire Swift

$ 50.00

No need to fight with knotted up skeins of yarn anymore! This handy swift attaches to any table or flat surface, making it easy to wind a ball of yarn up either by hand, or with a ball winder! Packaged in a hard plastic box.

Stitch Stoppers

Point Protectors

$ 3.55

This set of stitch stoppers / point protectors by Prym comes in a pack of 4, two large and two small. They will stop your knitting from coming off the ends of your needles when working on either straight or circular knitting needles. Keep your projects organised! Makes a great gift for the knitter who has everything.