Satin Egg for Tatting

$ 4.40

Use a snowflake or a medallion tatting pattern to decorate your satin egg.

Pins are used to keep the lace in place, as the balls are styrofoam. They can also be used for other craft projects.

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Aerlit Spare Bobbins – 5pk

$ 5.95

This is a 5-pack of spare bobbins for the Aerlit shuttle. Available in a range of yummy colours.

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Handy Hands Tatting Needle - Sizes 3, 5, 7 + BONMUS 8

Handy Hands Tatting Needle

$ 8.75$ 19.75

Get your tat on with Handy Hands tatting needles. Needles are easier to tat with than the usual shuttles, giving you practically the same result, and you can use a wider variety of threads with needles.

These needles are made of nickel. If you are allergic, consider Havel's tatting needles, which are made of stainless steel.

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