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Wacky Doggy Knits by Alison Jenkins

$ 13.50

Wacky Doggy Knits shows you how to create ten unique outfits to indulge your dog's every mood. Whether their yen is for a cool sailor top, a superhero suit, or a chic designer jacket, this guide offers the know-how to ensure they get their heart's desire. The patterns are easy to follow, so even if you've never picked up a pair of needles before, you're sure to get ideal results.
Clear, flexible sizing within each pattern means that whether your best friend is a tiny terrier or a Great Dane, the outfit will be perfect.

  • 10 original outfits, from bellhop uniform to preppy college sweater
  • A Knitting Basics section with clear, illustrated step-by-step guidance
  • Pattern sizes adapted to all breeds
  • Color photos presenting a line-up of adorable furry supermodels
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Seamless Knits for Posh Pups by Sharon Sebrow

$ 26.95

Enjoy fun-to-knit patterns that let your dog step out in style. Pamper your pooch with knits ranging from a little black dress–complete with pearled neckline–to a doggie hoodie. The sweaters come together easily; most are knit from the top down. And when you finish knitting, you're really finished–no seams to sew. Just put it on Fido and go!14 stylish sweaters for dogs from 8 to 30 pounds; many designs include an alternate colorwayConfidently create the tailored look that's just right for your dog, with or without sleeves, and learn to adjust the pattern to get a perfect fitTips for knitting in the round, top-down knitting, following stitch charts, and more.

The Beginner’s Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns: Learn to Write Patterns by Kate Atherley

$ 39.95

Create custom knitting patterns to share and sell!

Writing clear, easy-to-follow knitting patterns is easier than you think! In The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns, knitting expert Kate Atherley provides everything you need to know to share your projects with fellow knitters. This one-stop guide includes concrete guidelines with lots of examples on everything from pattern writing basics, to schematics and charts, to handling multiple sizes, establishing a personal style sheet, and more. The book addresses the details of how to create complete, clear and easy-to-use knitting patterns, for any type of design, and for any level of knitter. You'll also find details on:

  • Pattern structure and elements
  • Formatting and layout
  • How to go from test knitting to a final publication
  • Online platforms, processes, and good business practices
  • An introduction to important copyright laws

A basic pattern template and resources are also provided. Whether you're looking to share a project with a close friend or your growing online customer base, The Beginner's Guide to Writing Knitting Patterns is the comprehensive guide that can help you translate your project into a set of instructions that any knitter can follow.

YARN The After Party nr. 17 - Wild Forest Cushions

YARN The After Party nr. 17 – Wild Forest Cushions

$ 2.50

This edition of YARN The After Party describes two beautiful crocheted cushions designed by Esme Crick. Using two skeins of Scheepjes Whirl, you can create two throw pillows measuring 50 x 30cm (20 x 12in).

YARN The After Party nr. 17 - Wild Forest Cushions

YARN The After Party No. 15 – Dream Catcher Shawl

$ 2.50

This edition of YARN The After Party describes a beautiful crocheted shawl designed by Helda Panagary. The Dream Catcher Shawl is crocheted with 1 ball of Scheepjes Whirl. The example is made with 1 ball of Scheepjes Whirl Strawberries & Scream.

This beautiful design comes from Helda Panagary. She designs knitted and crocheted garments and accessories and is primarily famous for her publications in magazines in Great Britain. She also keeps a blog: Heldasland.

YARN The After Party no. 09 - Stormy Day Shawl

YARN The After Party no. 09 – Stormy Day Shawl

$ 2.50

In this edition of YARN The After Party we focus on a beautifully crocheted Stormy Day Shawl designed by Kirsten Ballering. This triangle shaped shawl is made with 1 cake of Scheepjes Whirl.

Cover of Alice Starmore's new publication, Glamourie

Alice Starmore’s Glamourie

$ 81.00 $ 52.97


Glamourie is a Scots word meaning a charmed condition in which everything is invested with magical properties and possibilities. In this unique book, Alice Starmore leads us into the realm of glamourie and —like the witches of Gaelic folklore —casts spells with needles and a single thread. Taking her daughter Jade’s supernatural stories as inspiration, she uses the art of hand knitting to bewitch and bedazzle, and illustrates the tales with elaborate costumes and accessories that portray fanciful and extraordinary ideas.
In creating these costumes, she has powerfully demonstrated the glamourie that can flow from the twin wands of a master magician.

While the first half of this book is an unrestrained flight of fancy, the second half contains full instructions for knitting beautiful garments based upon each costume, all written with Alice Starmore’s trademark accuracy and precision.
By developing each of these patterns from its associated costume, she has revealed how her mind works and how her imagination led her from the initial inspiration through to the final design.

Alice and Jade Starmore are from the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides, and its moody Celtic landscape is the backdrop to the stories, costumes and designs they have created. The final stage of Glamourie was to take their creations back out into that landscape to be photographed. They trekked to special locations, far off the beaten track, and Jade’s spectacular photographs depict both the sweeping panorama and the minute detail of their beloved native isle. Three years in the making, this combination of photography and fable, of highly conceptual design and practical instruction, will enchant not only knitters but also those in the fashion and costume world and readers fascinated by Scottish and Gaelic legends.

Knitting on the Edge: Ribs*Ruffles*Lace*Fringes*Flora*Points & Picots - The Essential Collection of 350 Decorative Borders

Knitting on the Edge

$ 25.95 $ 19.55

Ribs * Ruffles * Lace * Fringes * Flora * Points & Picots – The Essential Collection of 350 Decorative Borders

The now-classic collection of 350 edgings, borders, and trims by acclaimed designer Nicky Epstein is available in paperback! Taking the traditional rib to new heights, Nicky features improved ribbed edges, ruffles, lace, fringes, flora, and garters. Line-by-line instructions accompany each of the stitches. Decorate cuffs, customize a sweater, and develop unique patterns using ideas such as the feather lace ruffle, bel epoque, garter stitch weave, sea scallop edge, and sugar drop.

Take a peek inside at some of the wonderful edgings you'll learn in this iconic book, on Ravelry.

Making Jewelry with a French Knitter: The Easy Way to Make Beautiful Beaded Accessories

Making Jewelry with a French Knitter

$ 9.95

The Easy Way to Make Beautiful Beaded Accessories

This book offers an easy, fun way to learn to use the versatile French knitter. You’ll develop advanced skills with this amazing tool as you combine beads with yarn, stretchy cord, monofilament or embroidery thread to create simple yet elegant jewelry and accessories.

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Knitting Heartland

Knitting Heartland: Children’s Handknitting Collection

Classic Knits by Erika Knight

Classic Knits: 15 Timeless Designs to Knit & Keep Forever

$ 24.95

The knitwear collection in Classic Knits is composed mostly of sweaters and vests. The styles are clean, use a single yarn, and color with few, if any, embellishments except for those provided by the shaping and stitches in the pattern. The pieces have a timeless appeal that promises your hard work will become a cherished piece for years to come. The book also provides challenging projects that vary in complexity and is illustrated with lush photographs, making it a pleasure just to look through.

Check out all the great patterns available to knit in this book on Ravelry.

Cotton Knits For All Seasons

Cotton Knits For All Seasons

$ 29.95

A range of handknit designs for babies, toddlers, pre-teens and adults. The collection shows the versatility of cotton, from crisp summer tops to generous Aran styles that are all perfect all the year round. There are also baby throws and knitted jackets for juniors, plus bags and accessories. The book reflects the cool, classic relaxed chic of Traditional New England dressing, with navy and white, marine colours, easy-to-wear neutrals and bright summer shades.

Check out all the patterns you can knit from this book in Ravelry.