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Girls Get Stitching

Girls Get Stitching: Personalize Your Clothes, Your Room & Your Stuff

$ 24.15

10 Embroidery Stitches. 20 Projects. The perfect guide to express your style.

Fab up your stuff and express yourself with embroidery! You’ll find more stitching projects than you even knew existed in this handy little guide. It’ll teach you everything you ever wanted to know about embroidery, from where to get your hands on fabric and thread to where to dig up inspiration for your projects. From cell phone covers and purses to hairbands and t-shirts, there’s sure to be a project in here that’ll turn your clothes, your room, or any of your stuff from drab to fab!

  • Huge number of projects means you’ll definitely find something to fit your style
  • Author explains how to mix up the projects so you can take one design from one and turn it into something totally different
  • Shabby chic projects are simple to make but still super cute